Projects I worked on within the last 4 years

💻 Personal

  • – 365 things you can do to make your life better
  • – Personal Website
  • – XGPT – custom GPT that writes engaging short-copy
  • GPT4X – Automate X Posting Bot using XGPT
  • Zenkai – Custom GPT 
  • Corporate Design Thinking Course
  • Software Management Micro-Learning Course
  • Communication Micro Learning Course
  • – (retired) E-commerce Brand selling loft-style metal and wood furniture

🌱 Sustainability

  • Tracking Reduction of CO2 emission from raw materials production, transport, storage and processing
  • Optimization of Global Supply Chain for Dairy Products
  • Tool ensuring responsible sourcing of raw materials (fair incomes, lack of child labor, etc.)
  • Optimized global travel experience for business associates leading to reduced CO2 footprint and improved quality of travel
  • Improved efficiencies in processing of peanuts 
  • Automation of annual sustainability reporting
  • Enabled governance tracking for production, energy water, withdrawal and landfill

📊 Commerce & Finance

  • Optimization of spend on IT hardware and software across factories worldwide
  • Purchase order monitoring and notification
  • Improved collaboration with co-manufacturing vendors
  • Improved visibility into material coverage, production consumption and available stock
  • Improved visibility into contracts and spending with vendors
  • Forecast of raw materials volumes to be consumed
  • Business integration with Sievo
  • Business integration with Candex
  • Tool with insights on market movement and inflation forecasting
  • Detection of anomalies in processes with vendors on self-billing rights
  • One-stop-shop solution bringing most of the above and below tools together 
  • Monitoring of Distributor to Retailers Sales data

🦺 Quality & Risks

  • Tracking supplier quality assurance
  • Database of raw materials and packaging used in key SKUs along with information on vendor audit and material specifications
  • Business Integration with HICX
  • Data quality management 
  • Supplier performance management 
  • Integration between iComplai and Dremio
  • Volatility in volumes of material required for production
  • Supply Chain Resilience 
  • Factory Incident Tracking 
  • Raw Materials Safety Alerts at the Factories
  • Supplier Non-conformance Risks Prediction
  • Internal Fraud and Incidents Management and Monitoring

🤠 Hats I wore

Web Dev,  Data Analyst, E-Commerce Dev, Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Team Leader, Engagement Manager, 

🔎 Domains I worked in:

Value Chain Optimization (Sourcing, Supply, Production, Marketing, Sustainability), Finance, FMCG, E-Commerce, AI, EVs.

📈 Value I delivered:

Web Development, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Hiring, Selling, Onboarding, Managing (Products, Projects, People), Leading Business Analysis and New Demand area, Engagement Management.

🛠️ Technology I worked with:

Cloud & DBs: GCP, Azure, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB

Platforms & ERPs: SAP, Dremio, Sievo, IBM Watson, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Databricks

Data Visualization and UX/UI: Power BI, Tableau, SAS, Qlik, Looker, Figma, AdobeXD 

DevelopmentPython (lib: Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, MatPlotLib), JavaScript (lib: React), HTML, CSS, MS Power Apps, MS Power Automate, WordPress, Shopify, Shoper

Version Control and Project Management: Azure DevOps, Jira, Asana, Git, Docker, Jupyter Notebooks

GenAI: GPT3, GPT4, DALLE-3, Groq