Step 1: I synthesize

Step 2: You pick by brain

👋 Hi. I’m Iskander Ganeev. 27 years old

🌐 I build, manage and invest in Teams, Skills and Technology.

👾 At the moment I’m focused on collaboration with Lingaro

📜 Here is my Biography

🎯 Here is a list of my Goals

💻 I built my Career working in Education business and IT 

😎 When I was 25, I started my sole proprietorship – Iskander Ganeev Consulting

🐢 I like to spend at least 14 hours a week moving: 

  • Playing Sports – Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Squash, Badminton
  • Ryding – Cycling, Rollerblading, Skiing
  • Dancing – Salsa, Tango, Classical
  • Doing other Activities – Bouldering, Yoga, Swimming, and going to Gym
  • Work I focus on now and in the last 3 years
  • Goals I want to achieve this and next year 
  • Products I developed and want to show to the world
  • Tribe & Tools that help me get through it
  • Bio & Biblio my life in years and books